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Christine Valmy delivers the highest quality and all-natural skincare products for consumers and professionals.

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Nature’s Best Ingredients, Expertly Formulated
by Christine Valmy

Our all-natural skincare product inventions are founded in our unsurpassed esthetics expertise. We explore the best combination of organic ingredients to correct skin conditions and drive immediate and long-term results.

Our objective is always to address the root of problems, allowing the skin to heal itself from within.

We draw from ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions, combined with 21st-century scientific techniques, to produce cutting edge product formulas.

We maintain complete control over our products because they are invented in our own laboratory and hand-crafted on-site in small batches, assuring the highest quality and freshness.

Christine Valmy Products
Cleansers – $25
Christine Valmy Products
Toners – $25
Christine Valmy Products
Moisturizer – $30
Christine Valmy Products
Masks – $50
Christine Valmy Products
Vegetal Peel – $25
Christine Valmy Products
Cell Refresh – $35
Christine Valmy Products
Serums – $45
Christine Valmy Products
Firming & Anti-Aging Eye Cream – $120
Christine Valmy Products
Nighttime Light Moisturizing Lotion – $30
Christine Valmy Products
Gold Collagen Mask – $15
Christine Valmy Products
Hydrating Mask – $20

75 years ago in Romania, Ms. Christine Valmy began creating natural skincare products with ingredients from her garden. She moved to the U.S. in 1961 and pioneered the country’s esthetics profession, opening its first school shortly after. For decades, Ms. Valmy worked with her daughter, Marina, to advance the beauty industry through education and innovation in product formulas and treatment techniques.

Today, Marina Valmy leads the organization, staying on the cutting edge of new trends and technologies while remaining forever true to her mother’s original vision of all-natural, effective skincare. Every ingredient we include in our formulas serves a purpose, whether it be as a vehicle to spur absorption into deeper layers of the skin, or to kick-start the skin’s improved functioning.


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